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Become more manly with Sword!

Are you tired of other people being unclear about your gender? You're a man and deserve to be treated like one. A new study claims there are upwards of 80 different genders. That’s a lot of genders, but there is one aspect of the body that you, as a man, don't need. Nipples.

Let's be honest, nipples are for women. So why are you, a man walking around with those big womanly baby food tubes dangling off your chest? Disgusting! It's time for you to look like the man that you are. You're not the one that is supposed to do the cooking, cleaning, or taking care of all your children. You work hard to support your family. You deserve to be recognized as such.

What can you do about it? Some of those other genders use strange and colorful hairstyles, piercings and tattoos. Some even use secret code words to signal to each other. All that is complicated and strange. All you have to do is use Sword!

What is Sword? Sword is a great product, made by a former body spray company that uses a special chemical formula to activate a boost in testosterone in your body. This boost purges the less masculine aspects out of your body by removing your coquettish nipples.

Just spray Sword on your girlish nipples once daily, and in 6 months you will be nipple free, insanely masculine and happier. With no nipples it doesn't matter what your body shape or style is you will never be mistaken for one of those other genders, EVER AGAIN!

Don't be left behind, be the first on your block to use Sword. Let them know who the alpha is!

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