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The Dark Bean Society; a story of beans

While everyone is worried about coronavirus variants, ineffectual and corrupt politicians continuing to fail the public, and the latest stock price change there is a story that the media won't tell you about. The Dark Bean society!

What is the Dark Bean society? It is an ancient practice that can be linked to the times of and including Pythagoras. Yes, that Pythagoras; the one with the triangle. It started as a death cult. Composed of people who believed that beans, specifically fava beans, were the harvested souls of the dead. This was due to the fava beans black-spotted flowers, black being the color of death. The hollow stems were believed to allow souls to escape the underworld. The fleshy nature of the bean itself was believed to be a human soul reforming on earth. So what does this have to do with Pythagoras? Well, he was directly targeted and murdered by the bean cult. He spoke out against those bean-loving murders. According to ancient sources, the beanites would capture and torture people. Believing the suffering of others would call back the souls of the dead from the underworld. The beanites would grow bean plants in the corpses of their victims. It is believed that this practice continues to this day.

What does this mean for them today? Well, all along the east coast of the United States there are many natural cave systems. The Bean cult uses these caverns to perform their dark, probably satanic-style rituals. They capture children, young adults, vagrants, or anyone they see as weak or vulnerable. Then they torture them, perform their evil and bloody rituals in caves and plant a bean inside the corpse. Then someone takes the corpse and plants it in a field, corrupting the land. The Dark Bean society has been doing this for centuries. Using the profits from selling their tainted beans to fund all kinds of nefarious activities. Including but not limited to human trafficking, animal abuse, perverted sexual acts

This all started as an effort to summon evil spirits back to our world. What the cult is actually after has remained a mystery. One theory speaks of bringing back Adolf Hitler, a known vegetarian and bean eater. Others include something far darker and more sinister. Some theories say that Hitler was just a prophet of their dark bean god. Hitler was trying to prime the way for the Dark Bean Society to expand, some say it succeeded. There have been reports that upwards of 35% of all U.S. politicians have participated in a Bean cult ritual.

Why should you be concerned? As we all know the more money and power a person accumulates the more corrupt they become. Using that money and power to fulfill their ever-increasing dark fantasies. Well with the outing of Jeffery Epstein and his island, there is a vacuum for a sick and twisted outlet for the corrupt. The Dark Bean Society has risen in popularity recently and they could be making a push to fulfill that role. So this holiday season, make sure not to fund the Dark Bean Society. You should avoid all the beans just to be sure. Their reach is far and terrible.

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