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What's my whole deal?

I have spent the last 10+ years working for the government, becoming increasingly unsatisfied with the projected direction in which my life was going. "You must work here for 20 years to see the fruits of your labor", they said. "In this time, you must not question us or our methods.". The government couldn't know everything; was there no room for compromise? Alas, this proved to be a Sisyphean task. I decided then it was time to change things. 

After finishing a session of a ttrpg that I ran, one of my friends suggested I get into writing. Yes, I thought, writing! It has the potential to check the boxes of what I want in life. As a writer, I could have an outlet for my creativity and new and exciting problems on which to work. With newly alighted passion and determination, I flung myself forward into destiny unknown. 

I have a passion for comedy, but I realize that doesn't always pay the bills.

Starry Sky
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