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When there is no more room in hell, buy this candle!

As we all know, times have been stressful, to say the least. Wildfires, riots, looting, shootings, government control and on top of all of that the COVID-19 is trying to kill us all, but it gets worse. According to 2 separate private revelations, there will be 3 days of darkness. Initially predicted by Anna Maria Taigi from The Order of the Trinitarians back in the early 1800s and later expanded upon by Marie-Julie Jahenny. Predicting that the darkness would happen on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The prophecy

The prophecy foretells; because of the evils of man (greed, corruption, other sins) and in coordination with the Devil, Hell will reach maximum capacity. Once this happens the gates of Hell will burst open and all the evil spirits will flood upon the earth. Don't worry too much because God has a plan to save us! He will send his forces down to purge the impurity from the land, but this takes a lot of power and makes him sad to do so. So the sign for the true followers will be that the skies will darken for 3 consecutive days. In this time God and his mighty forces will be purging the land from all the evils. Much like the beginning of Bird Box, it will be very chaotic but you must not look upon this battle. You should humble yourself before God and stay inside to pray. Unfortunately, many people may try this so God gave Anna Maria Taigi and Marie-Julie Jahenny additional instructions. To separate the true believers like us from the Heathens you must light your house with a blessed candle made of pure beeswax so that God will know you are a true believer.

The candle

There are so many places you can buy a 100% pure beeswax candle. There are even places you can buy or get your candle blessed but there is only one brand certified by the church, Brian's Blessed Bees. Here at Brian's Blessed Bees we baptize our bees AND bless the candles. That is twice the blessing for one flat price. Brian’s Blessed Bees sells our 9 pack of 12hr candles for the affordable price of $33.30. That's 4 1/2 days worth of protection for the same price as the next leading competitor.

Brian’s Blessed Bees - become a Bee-liever

At Brian’s Blessed Bees we have an in-house team of priests that baptize each queen. That way we can be sure all the workers and drones will be raised as followers of God. Our commitment doesn't stop there. When our experienced staff “smoke” the hive to pacify the bees we utilize specialized priest’s censers to burn holy incense while we extract the honey and wax from the hives. We also have no fences or cages (unlike other less holy apiaries) which helps keep our free-range bees happy and healthy. Come over to Brian's Blessed Bees pick up our 100% bees wax candles and keep you and your family safe for the upcoming darkness.

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